Snow Removal From Roof

3 Expert Tips to Make This Job Easy

Snow Removal From Roof

With the winter weather still lingering around in Amarillo, our team at Tascosa Roofing wants to help homeowners like you clear your roof from snow. We encourage you to be safe while partaking in any of these snow removal actions, especially in freezing weather. Please ensure you are wearing proper winter clothing and taking steps to keep you and others safe. 

1. Work From the Ground Instead of the Roofing if Possible

While you may be eager to hop onto the roof, the winter weather can increase the danger of doing so. We encourage you to work from the ground if possible. Snow rakes are a great tool to utilize after storms to prevent falls. These tools can help clear any visible snow or help create a path for homeowners to safely step if they decide to remove snow while on the roof. Working on the ground can also allow you to see your teams’ designated spot to push the snow to easier. 

Working from the ground also will allow them to quickly retreat inside in case the storm returns in an instant.  

Garant GPRR24 YukonRoof Rake
Garant GPRR24 YukonRoof Rake

2. Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

With the uncertainty of the Texas Panhandle weather, it is best to work with a team to quickly clear the snow off the roof. From the ground, having multiple people clear off the roof will lessen the time spent in the cold weather as there can be more areas covered at once. 

Not only does working as a team allow for a faster clean-up time, but it is also safer! By working with a team, homeowners can rely on each other if they decide they would like help with the “snow removal from roof” task. One team member is able to hold the ladder steady on the snowy ground or rush to aid you in case of an accident. 

Keep Up to Date with the Weather

3. Keep Up to Date with the Weather

Before heading out, it is important you keep an eye out for the weather. While a snowstorm passed, there might be intense cold or winds following close behind that could increase the risk of sickness or frostbite. The warmer weather can also pose a threat to homeowners! You might enjoy the warm weather that follows the snowy day, but with snow on the floor and unpredictable weather conditions, the snow can melt and refreeze into ice. This increases the risk of falls and other injuries on the ground and on top of the roof. It is important homeowners monitor the weather and understand how it will affect the “snow removal from roof” project.

Snow Covered Car

After storms, you may notice any untreated damage your home’s roofing system may suffer because of water leaks in your home or mildew smell in your attic. These are both signs of a damaged roof. If you notice any Signs of a Leaky Roof, please contact one of our roofing experts to schedule your FREE inspection! Still unsure if you need a roofing replacement?

In the midst of Amarillo’s lingering winter, our aim at Tascosa Amarillo Roofing is to make snow removal from your roof as easy as possible. Safety should always be your priority when tackling this task in freezing weather. Working from the ground, embracing teamwork, and staying vigilant about the weather are our top tips for a successful snow removal operation. Remember, a well-maintained roof is your first defense against leaks and damage. If you ever spot signs of a leaky roof, don’t hesitate to schedule a FREE inspection with our expert team!

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