Filing Claims

Filing an insurance claim to cover the repair costs can increase your stress level, because it’s often a trying and complicated process. Hiring a roofing contractor who has experience with insurance claims can help tremendously.

Dedicated Claims Staff

Our roofing contractors are well-trained, dedicated on how to work with insurance companies and are well versed in the claims process. A knowledgeable contractor  can explain unfamiliar insurance terminology and guide you through the steps to meet your insurer’s requirements, so your claim gets processed correctly and easily.

Emergency Repair Service

Oftentimes, a damaged roof needs immediate attention, such as securing and tarping the damaged area, to prevent further harm from water intrusions. We deal with insurance claims on a regular basis and know that making short-term emergency repairs right away is critical because insurance policies typically have a clause requiring that homeowners make every reasonable effort to mitigate additional damage.

Damage Report and Estimate

The roofing contractor will perform a thorough inspection of your roof in order to identify both obvious and hidden damage. They can also provide a report that includes detailed descriptions and photos of the damage, as well as an estimate for all necessary repairs, or a replacement if it’s warranted.

Meet with the Adjuster’s for Inspection

The roofing contractor, is willing to be on hand during the visit from your insurance adjuster. This ensures that the damage report filed by your adjuster reflects the true extent of the damage to your roof.

Can Verify Your Claim Details

Once the adjuster files their report and you’ve received a copy, you and your roofer can go over the details to make sure it’s complete and accurate and that the included repairs all comply with our local building codes. This helps you avoid the headache of having to file a supplemental claim down the road.