5 Ways to Get a Weatherproof Roof Before Spring

Get a Weatherproof Roof Before Spring in 5 Easy to Use Steps

#1 Weatherproof Roof Tip: Clean Off All Debris on Your Roof

Ensuring your roof is free of debris is important and can help you get a weatherproof roof before Spring! There can be piles of large debris that are placing extra weight on your room, shifting your roofing shingles, or creating holes in your roof. Homeowners should remove these piles as they can weaken the home’s defense.

Larger debris is easier to remove, and homeowners can utilize other equipment like a leaf blower for the removal of small debris.

We encourage homeowners to be safe while they are on top of their roofs or on ladders. If you do not feel comfortable or are unable to get on top of your room, please give us a call at 806-454-9277.

#2 Weatherproof Roof Tip: Get Rid of Mold and Mildew Before They Cause Further Problems

Mold and mildew put your home’s safety at risk as they eat away at the roofing shingles. Oftentimes, the dark black lines you see on your roof are the growth of Gloeocapsa magma, a bacteria that survives by eating the moisture found in your roofing shingles. 

Since your roofing is the first line of defense for your home, it is important you act quickly to remove from your shingles by yourself or with a cleaning professional. 

After cleaning, if you notice damage or would like to have an Amarillo roofing inspector inspect your roof, our team is ready to help!

#3 Weatherproof Roof Tip: Clean and Check the Gutters

It is important you also clean out the gutters surrounding your home. Water should be able to flow properly through the gutters and downspout system, however, if it does not, it could mean there is a backup in your system from debris like leaves or granules. It is important to make note of where the granules are shedding from as this means you will need to replace those roofing shingles as they are becoming thinner.

Examine the Roof for Any Missing or Damaged Shingles

4. Examine the Roof for Any Missing or Damaged Shingles

While this can be done at any time, homeowners should examine the roof from the ground or on the roof for missing and damaged roofing shingles. With the recent snowstorms and gusts of Texas Panhandle winds homeowners in Amarillo face, these conditions can force shingles to buck, crack, and in some cases become completely loose! Without roofing shingles, this poses a threat to your home as moisture is now able to enter the home, causing serious problems like mold or damage to the roofing deck below.

5. Damaged Tree Branches

While this is not something that is directly related to our roofing, it can pose serious threats to your home’s safety. Homeowners can remove smaller branches, but when larger branches are falling from the tree, an expert might be needed. If left on the roof, these branches can fall on top of the house causing holes allowing water, insects, or debris into your home!

By trimming tree branches you help protect your home from damage and reduce the number of leaves gathering in your gutters.

Check the Attic

6. Check the Attic

Lastly, before homeowners warp up their spring cleaning, they need to inspect their attics. In the attic, you will be able to find water damage, holes in your roofing, or mold. If you find holes and a mildew smell, this could mean there is a leak in your roofing system. Mold found in attics is generally caused by poor ventilation or insulation, if there are no signs of leaks or other damage. 

If you find mold or mildew in your home, it is important to contact a roofing professional right away as this means your home’s defense is lowered or could lead to health problems.

While making sure that your roof is ready for Spring, you may also want to check for 6 Unmistakable Signs of a Leaky roof.

Tascosa Roofing can help you Weather Proof your Roof. Request a FREE Roof Inspection or Call 806-454-9277 to help protect your Amarillo home today! 

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